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Ivo Milazzo
Ivo Milazzo entered the comics field together with Giancarlo Berardi, who became his main scenarist.
They started out making some Tarzan stories for the french market in 1971, and then took on their first humorous series, Il Palafita, which appeared in Sorry magazine.
Between 1972 and 1973, Milazzi cooperated with publisher Gino Sansoni, drawing stories for Horror and Supervip, as well as some episodes of Diabolik.
He joined the Bierreci studios, where he cooperated on Disney comics with Giorgio Rebuffi and Luciano Bottaro, as well as Tweety and Silvester stories for the italian and french market, again with texts by Berardi.
In the 1970s, Milazzo switched to drawing realistic comics.
Milazzo and Berardi created the Ken Parker series in 1974, and it was published by Bonelli from 1977.
They also started the mini-series Tiki in Il Giornalino, as well as Tom's bar in Skorpio.
Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, Milazzo's work has appeared in magazines such as Skorpio, Orient-Express (Marvin il detective) and Comic Art (Tommy Steele).
He continued his collaboration with Bonelli, illustrating L'Uomo delle Filippine in the collection Un Uomo, un'Avventura, as well as new episodes of Ken Parker.
He also illustrated episodes of the Bonelli series Nick Raider and Magico Vento.
Milazzo and Berardi founded Parker Editore, and launched Ken Parker Magazine in 1992, that appeared until 1996.
From then on, Ken Parker's adventures have appeared in Ken Parker Speciale.



 Ivo Milazzo

Une de ses réalisations


Rayon : Albums (Historique), Série : Tiki, Tiki

Ce qu'en dit l'éditeur :

Si le jeune indien Tiki voit sa tribu détruite, c'est quà coup de napalm, on ouvre la Trans-amazonienne ! Il se vengera, et deviendra une légende. Sur cette sombre trame, les auteurs ...

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... parviennent à semer en chemin les fleurs de l'amitié et de la solidarité. Le valeureux Tiki, adolescent vantard et débrouillard, parce qu'il nous émeut et nous fait sourire, se révèle notre frère en humanité, un espoir de survie.

 Ivo Milazzo

 Ivo Milazzo