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Série Valerian : The Complete Collection (Anglais) (tome 6)

Valerian : The Complete Collection : Volume 6

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Paru le 16 Août 2018
Album BD de la Série : Valerian : The Complete Collection (Anglais)
Dessinateur : Jean-Claude Mézières
Scénariste : Pierre Christin
Coloriste : Évelyne Tranlé
Editeur : CINEBOOK
Genre : Science-fiction
Public : Tous Publics
EAN : 9781849184113

Album BD en couleur, Couverture Cartonnée
En mm : largeur 228, hauteur 298, épaisseur 18
192 pages

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Version anglaise.

Dans ce sixième volume de l'intégrale, nos deux ex-agents désœuvrés se créent leurs propres aventures en aidant leur prochain, et reprennent leur quête pour retrouver la Terre.

In this sixth volume of the Collected Edition, our two former agents, now idle, create their own adventures by helping their fellow beings, and resume their quest to find Earth.

With volumes 16 to 18 collected here, we find Valerian and Laureline suddenly rich beyond their wildest dreams, and this new situation brings the differences in their personalities in stark contrast: where Laureline remains true to herself and her love of life, Valerian finds himself idle and disoriented. Fortunately, when the former is kidnapped in Hostages of Ultralum, the son of Galaxity earns back his status as a hero and saviour. In the direct sequel, Orphan of the Stars, the united couple faces adversity and the hardships of parenthood (even temporary) together. Finally, In Uncertain Timesbrings them back on the trail of the vanished future Earth, paving the way for the last cycle and the saga’s conclusion. With, as always, essays by Stan Barets, here on the alien cast of the series and the authors’ various creations for the year 2000.
Images : © CINEBOOK / Jean-Claude Mézières / Pierre Christin
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